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Blackout Blinds – Vertical, Motorized Window Treatments

The perfect shading solution for privacy at home or at work Great blinds for skylights, sliding glass doors & window walls
Custom Window Treatments

Custom Window Treatments

Made-to-measure blinds and window shades for skylights, patio doors, wall windows & more.
Best Blinds In The Fremont Area

Best Blinds In The Fremont Area

Free consultations at home or office available to all San Francisco cities.
Remote Control Blinds, Motorized + WI-Fi

Remote Control Blinds, Motorized + WI-Fi

Convenient Alexa and Google Home connectivity for automatic window coverings.
Sheer Shades & Blackout Blinds

Sheer Shades & Blackout Blinds

Create the perfect ambiance in your Fremont property with window treatments sporting any opacity levels you want.


For Fremont residents and business spaces, when it comes to window blinds there’s a simple, effective solution. Fremont Blinds & Shade provides an amazing range of coverings for all types of windows, including skylights and sliding glass doors. From vertical blinds with motors to Roman shades and cellular coverings, made from bamboo, fabrics, or other materials. You can choose features and design custom patterns for your new blinds & shades. Then, we get to work, making and installing them in your Fremont office or home. Learn about some of our more popular products below.
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Fremont Window Shades, Motorized Blinds & More

We at Fremont Blinds & Shade know that choosing the right option from such a multitude of window covering products can be overwhelming. That’s why we encourage you to reach out to us and schedule a free consult. Our blinds installation experts are happy to help you find the solution that will meet your requirements. Aesthetical as well as functional. We’ll provide you with all the information you need and show you our diverse selection of blinds materials and designs we use. If you have out of reach windows or worry about the safety of your little ones, ask about our motorized blinds options and choose the one that best suits your Fremont property. 

Roller, Roman or Cellular Shades?

Depending on your personal style, we can steer you in the direction of window shades that suit you best. We’ll consider the overall look and feel you’re trying to achieve and the functionality you demand from your window treatments. Roller shades come in a variety of designs and patterns and can fit even the most demanding of styles. If you like clean lines, they are a safe bet. However, if your Fremont home is a mixture of modern and traditional elements, we’ll suggest you go with Roman shades. For perfect control over the light that enters the room and additional insulation of your home, our advice is to stick to cellular shades. If you need more information on any of these products, give us a call and schedule an in-person appointment.

No More Glare With Blackout Blinds

If your windows get too much sunlight and you can’t control the glare on your screens or, if you need to make a room pitch black in order to get a full night’s sleep, we have the solution for you. Our made to measure blackout blinds have a snug fit to stop the outside light from entering your room once closed. They can also offer you complete privacy in your Fremont home or office space. And don’t forget about your media room - our blackout blinds will be the final touch that’ll transform a room in your home into a real theater!

Motorized Window Treatments – Ditch The Cords

We can make a motorized version of all our window treatment products. Why should you consider motorizing your blinds or shades? For one, you’ll be able to adjust them to your liking without needing to get up. You’ll also be able to program scenes that will make your home more energy-efficient and save money on utilities in the process. What’s more, there’s a security benefit to having motorized blinds. You can deter any possible burglars with the right settings! You only need to choose the motorized blinds option that meets your needs. Choose Alexa connectivity, for example, and Wi-Fi remote control blinds features for optimal convenience. Then, sit back and let us do the rest.

Custom Fremont Blinds With Free Estimates

If you need additional information on any of our products, our advice is: book a free consult! We’ll guide you through our vast range of blinds and shades and explain all the motorized options you can choose from. With our help, your sliding glass doors, oddly shaped bathroom windows and skylights will finally get the covering they need in order to shine in all their beauty. Contact Fremont Blinds & Shade and get a cost-effective solution for your windows that will improve the overall look of your home to boot. If you live in Fremont or a nearby area, a free in-person consult is one phone call away. Schedule yours today!

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Get quality window blinds and shades custom made for any Fremont residence or business. We offer affordable window treatments utilizing all sorts of Wi-Fi motorized blinds features. Plus, we have an amazingly wide range of designs. From relaxed Roman shades to cellular coverings and blackout blinds (for security and privacy). Choose everything from design to materials and have your new blinds or window shades installed quickly. Book a free estimate & at-home consultation to learn more.


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